What is Domestic Violence

When someone you love uses physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control the behavior of his or her partners, they are committing domestic violence. Most victims of domestic violence are women. Children who witness domestic violence are also victims. They suffer from behavior and cognitive problems. Boys, especially, are likely to be aggressive and engage in criminal behavior if they grow up in homes where domestic violence exists. Help stop the violence now!

Did you know

• Domestic violence crosses all economic and social lines.

• 95% of domestic violence is learned at home.

• 30-50% of female murders each year are a result of domestic violence.

• Of every three emergency room visits made by females each year, one can be attributed to domestic violence.

• 80% of juvenile runaways are from homes affected by domestic violence.

• Domestic calls are by far the most frequent requests for assistance made to ANY police department.

• DuPage County has a “must arrest” protocol. The officer must arrest if there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. The following are some of the reasons considered evidence of a crime: blood, bruises, phone ripped off the wall or a suspect telling the officer, “Yeah, I hit her, she deserved it.”

• Police departments in DuPage County receive over 7,000 domestic related calls per year. There are over 1,600 arrests made on domestic related charges every year. And the number continues to grow.