Mentor: Help Empower Abused Women

Mentors first attend two instructional classes presented by Bridge Communities, our partner in supporting women who have suffered domestic violence. It is the goal of Stepping Stones to build and support living skills so that those in our program become self sufficient and confident in their decisions and can then recognize their own identity and abilities. Stepping Stones will provide all the necessary tools for a family to begin life in a new neighborhood.

Our mentors help them to find comfort in their surroundings, and most important, spiritual stability. Spiritual growth and awareness are essential to the well being of our families. Mentors work in teams of two or three per family so that the entire responsibility is not shouldered by one.

There are monthly Stepping Stones meetings to support the challenges, concerns and successes mentors experience. A Bridge Community case manager who works with the family also works closely with the mentors.

Should you find it in your heart to help, please contact us. The rewards of mentoring are numerous. With your loving patience and guidance, you model behaviors and provide stability for the client. You are able to open doors that have been shut. You are a friend that she values as you have her best interests at heart. You have a chance to give her a new outlook on life through your care, faith and steadfast love.

We cannot do this alone. We need to continually grow our mentor base to sponsor more families. We work together with churches, schools and local organizations to get the word out that the cycle of domestic violence can end. We must make the most of every opportunity, educating both men and women. We must be committed to teach, encourage, support and love. Together we are better; we are stronger.