Stepping Stones For Women of Domestic Violence

Empowering women of domestic violence to develop financial and emotional independence.

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Our Vision

Stepping Stones provides emotional support, financial assistance, a safe environment and career opportunities to a woman and her children who are victims of domestic violence.



The Mission of Stepping Stones for women of Domestic Violence, N.F.P., a Christian-based organization, is to empower women of domestic violence to develop financial and emotional independence by providing them with a safe, nurturing environment.


Welcome to Stepping Stones

An organization dedicated to creating a path to safety and empowerment for women of domestic violence and their children.

When someone you love uses physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control the behavior of his or her partners, they are committing domestic violence. Most victims of domestic violence are women. Children who witness domestic violence are also victims. They suffer from behavior and cognitive problems. Boys, especially, are likely to be aggressive and engage in criminal behavior if they grow up in homes where domestic violence exists. Help stop the violence now!

Stepping Stones works with Bridge Communities, Inc., to help women of domestic violence and their families make the transition to becoming independent and starting a new life.